Be•E: pedal, charge, visit.

Augmented tourism for e-bikers

Be•Easy: PEDAL

With Be•E, we aim to create a community of tourists and cyclists who wish to share contents and experiences, supported by locally-based facilities offering tourist, food & wine, logistic and cultural services.

The idea comes from a desire to make it possible to visit natural spots and points of interest using the most environmentally-friendly of transport means: the bicycle. With the arrival of e-bikes (pedal assist bicycles), cycle tourism has become accessible to all: going long distances and managing greater height level changes is now possible without too much effort.

Be•Electric: CHARGE

Be•E seeks to connect and liaise users and facilities, with a view to offering as simple a solution as possible to the priority need of e-bikes: that of charging the battery. Extending range by providing free charging points for users is Be•E’s key purpose. But we don’t want to stop there, we aim to offer more than simple geolocation of power stations.

Be•Experienced: VISIT

We want to go beyond the plain notion of “charging point” by completing this service with a choice of tourist activities and suggestions to discover the local territory.

In order to make it easier for tourists to find and use available facilities, Be-E has been designed in the form of a digital multi-media and multi-platform application. The dedicated website will soon host all the functions that may be needed for cycle tourists to enjoy a comprehensive experience: all the services and the information on the facilities and charging points, the possibility of planning your itinerary and share it, as well as to assign ratings that may be useful for other users.

Be•Essential: join the community!

Are you a cyclist or a cycle tourist? Are you interested in this project? Become part of the Be•E community! For us to grow, we need you too. The more we are the more our offer of charging stations, points of interest and app functions will expand.

Obviously, everything is free. We will not be asking for your money, nor will we be trying to sell you encyclopaedias (even if we are interested in culture) or vacuum cleaners (we don’t mind cleanliness either). For you to enter our network and stay up-to-date with all that’s new, we just need your e-mail address or for you to like our Facebook page.