Charging stations and points of interest

Be•E point

The term Be•E point is used to refer to any facility that is offering a service to the community. Be•E points can be grouped in three categories, based on the type of service they offer:

  • Charging Point (CP)
  • Points of interest (PoI)
  • Hire/Service points (TEK)

The app offers a geolocation service for points of interest, charging stations and service points. Users may decide whether to plan their itinerary in advance or simply pedal on and discover suggestions for local spots and services as they travel. These suggestions are shown via banners or on the map. Key services are charging points and service points. Here, tourists will be sure to find indispensable services for their trip.

Charging points, points of interest, hire/service points

Be•E points provide specific services for cycle tourism. Be•E’s purpose is to always deliver an experience for cycle tourists, whether they are charging their bike or travelling. For this reason, we do not use regular petrol stations, but facilities that can offer a dedicated service for users.

Tourists can access information as they are planning their itinerary or selecting their destination and can choose where to obtain the services they need based on the offer of the specific facility and the ratings given by other e-bikers. We aim to use primarily facilities that can offer a high-quality dedicated service for cycle tourists.

  • Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Campsites
  • Restaurants
  • Inns
  • Trattorias
  • Wineries
  • Farms
  • Bakeries, Ice Cream Parlours, Bar Kiosks
  • Museums and Places of Interest
  • Swimming Pools, Theme Parks
  • Bike Sale and Hire
  • Service

Be•Engaged: become a Be•E point!

Do you have a business that may fit in with the Be•E philosophy? Become a Be•E Point and let’s grow together. Fill our application form and we will get in touch as soon as possible! The more of us on the territory, the better service we will be able to provide to e-bikers. And also to regular cyclists, who will be sure to find a bike-friendly facility where they can stop.

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