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The Rocca Borromeo of Arona is a construction defensive overlooking Lake Maggiore . Together with her sister ship Rocca Borromeo of Angera was one of the main points of strategic control of Lake Maggiore in ancient times.

The fortress, built in the territory of Piedmont , in the municipality of Arona , was founded at a time shortly before the year one thousand under the control of the Lombards . Designed solely for defensive purposes, in the following centuries passed between ownership bishops up to fill the role of mere shelter around the XI and XII century.

Having undergone a complete destruction at the hand of the house of Della Torre returned possession of the Visconti in 1227 . Two centuries later, precisely in 1439 , he changed the construction of the new owner together with the entire City and the Castle of Arona , when Filippo Maria Visconti gave it as a fief to Vitaliano I Borromeo . For four centuries, the fortress remained in the hands of the Borromeo family , even giving birth to the future cardinal San Carlo Borromeo in 1538 . The history of the Rock of Arona will close in 1800 when the army Napoleon ordered to destroy some fortifications occupied by the Austrians . From that moment the Rocca Arona remain only some ruins.

Between 1994 and 2000, it was hosted high musical events among which:  Tania MariaFontella BassJohn Scofield  – Dee Dee Bridgewater –  Steve Swallow  – Little Milton Michel Petrucciani  – Joe Lovano and many others.

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